Get naked…

I’ve had this sign in my bathroom for some time now, but today, God gave me a revelation that I want to share with you. I know we can all think of many ways we can be without clothes(naked in a sense);the bathtub/shower being one. But let me share with a deeper perspective being naked. In a world that explicitly sells nakedness as a form of self expression; it’s merely the opposite.

You see all of that is deception and perversion to the real reason we were created naked and without clothes.

Could it be that God created us naked for the purposes of showing us how to experience a life with no shame. The Bible says in Genesis that after Adam and Eve ate the apple, they “realized” they were naked and felt shame and hid their bodies with fig leaves.

Before then, they were naked and without shame. Yet once they were tempted with deception by the serpent (the Devil) they felt shame.

Isn’t that much like the world we live in? A world full of people who look to shame others for their “shortcomings”?

God tells us over and over again that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Bottom line is: shame does not come from God.

It is His desire that we are naked (vulnerable, healed, free) in Him. He promises His children double portion for their shame.

God doesn’t want you bound by shame, He wants you free and naked.

So, decide today, to come out of agreement with shame and those who try to make you feel shame. Declare today that you will walk in full freedom of nakedness in Christ.

And because Faith without works is dead, prophetically take a bath/shower and as you are bathing, wipe off all residue of shame off of every part of your body.

“It’s time to return home, my child”, says the Lord.

Published by Jess, from Alter'd Submission

Hi! My name is Jessica, but you can call me "Jess". I greet you in the name of the Lord. I am a child of God, Evangelist for Christ, Wife & Mommy. I birthed this ministry out of the obedience to my King. My prayer is that through the many experiences that I will share with you that you experience God in a way that causes you to submit to the will of God.

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