Don’t miss our, return your tithe!

Listennn! I know we don’t talk about this a lot in churches, but uh you need to return your tithes!! Let’s stop living under a curse (when you don’t return your tithes to God) and receive the divine protection, provision and promise that He WANTS to give to us. The Bible is clear: When weContinue reading “Don’t miss our, return your tithe!”

Love your enemies, Pray for them…

My dear disciples, A few days ago, Holy Spirit said to me, “Jessica, forgive them. Pray for your enemies. Love your enemies.” I said, but I did forgive them. Holy Spirit said, “but did you pray for them?” Then He told me to read Luke 6:27 and Luke 6:35. 27 But to you who areContinue reading “Love your enemies, Pray for them…”

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